Who are Seggourney, Reggie, Megg and Greggory?  They are The Good Eggs!  These four friends live and go to school in the small town of Albumen.  The Good Eggs is a book series for children ages 6-12.  It is a fun and innovative way to help children learn about the important concepts of virtues, diversity, and service.  Follow the Eggs throughout the series as they help a new friend, Benedict, and Reggie’s cousin, Peggy, grow into Good Eggs.  Through their adventures, they learn the best way to live, take a trip around the world, and reach out to others in their community.  And – the best part about this book series is our EGGStra Special Program™!  Read on . . .


EGGStra Special Program™

The mission of The Good Eggs reaches far beyond the town of Albumen.  Through the EGGStra Special Program™, the purchase of these books means an identical purchase will be given to a child/school in need.   Together we can help develop virtues, diversity, and service in the lives of young people.  BOGO – Buy One, Give One!

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