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The Good Eggs


Who are Seggourney, Reggie, Megg and Greggory? They are The Good Eggs! These four friends live and go to school in the small town of Albumen. They display virtues within their community. What are virtues? Virtues are positive traits that help you and others become Good Eggs. As you read The Good Eggs, you will learn more about understanding, forgiveness, gratitude, generosity, cooperation, love, acceptance, respect, responsibility, honesty, confidence, and manners. Challenges are introduced by two additional eggs, Benedict and Peggy.  The virtues of The Good Eggs are put into practice as they try to help and guide Benedict and Peggy through their difficulties. Read more

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The Good Eggs

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About S. Ciara Mitaro

S. Ciara Mitaro holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Detroit Mercy and currently teaches morality, ethics and social justice courses at a private high school in Michigan. In addition to her teaching career, she has taught, developed, and implemented programs and curricula that focused on teaching children the importance of value-driven lives centered on love and the importance of living an altruistic life. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

Albumen is a small town, clean and quiet. The tree-lined streets are beautiful and have a different look with each change of the season. Read more

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