Hi there,

We are a Kindergarten Class in Rockford and almost done reading your first book on Virtues. It has been wonderful! The kids just love the characters and lessons! They were thrilled to hear that you are going to be in Rockford on June 4. Hopefully, you will be bringing your characters for the kids to see.  Thank you for sharing so many amazing lessons for our little ones! We even created a “juice box” drive for the “Kids Food Basket” organization after reading your chapter on Generosity. Keep up the awesome writing!

Kim Z.

Kindergarten Teacher



“Thank you so much for your inspirational book.
We are all loving making the Eggs’ ideas a reality in our lives and the lives of others, too!”

Miranda Z.

5th Grade Teacher



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5th Grade Class (once again putting The Good Eggs into action!)

St. Germaine School

St. Germaine inspiration



5th Grade Class

St. Germaine School

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Ms. Marissa Terry

3rd Grade Teacher

St. Lawrence School

My class & I enjoyed reading The Good Eggs: Book 1-Virtues. My students always remind me on the first of the month to read the latest with the Eggs! The children of the story have become part of our family & the children make connections to the Eggs’ experiences throughout the book (ex. divorce, being kind, having someone be mean to you). At first most of the students didn’t understand how the names were selected (ex. Megg, Ms. Poach), but it was a quick teachable moment.



Annette Gattari-Ross

Ms. Mitaro,

I met you at the CARE parenting conference in March.  I was going to buy The Good Eggs series but I decided to wait to see if we would actually read it and whether the kids would like it.  Well, I am happy to report, that my 8-year-son and 11-year-old daughter love The Good Eggs!  I really like the message and it fits with our family culture.  The kids get a kick out of Benedict and we smile every time Meg flips her hair or Reggie adjusts his glasses.

Recently, our priest mentioned something about generosity during Sunday Mass.  When we arrived home from church, my 8-year-son pointed out he heard the priest talk about generosity (Book 1, Chapter 4) just like The Good Eggs.   Not only was I surprised he was listening to the priest but that he was also able to connect it with the book.



Heather Jones Phleeger

We bought the first book for my daughter at the Chippewa craft show and she absolutely LOVED it! This is the 1st book she has ever read all of! She couldn’t put it down. I would like to order the other two.



Hannah W.

5th grade

I like The Good Eggs books because the good eggs [Peggy, Reggie, Megg, Seggourney, Benedict] have adventures like traveling the world. I have always wanted to travel the world and if I could, I would make Hannah be one of the characters. I bet it would be fun. I would like to go to China and Australia. It was fun to learn about the other countries and how you can help the people everywhere who need things.