Virtues – Book 1:  The Good Eggs

Chapter 1:  September – Understanding

Book I CoverAlbumen is a small town, clean and quiet. The tree-lined streets are beautiful and have a different look with each change of the season. Neighbors say hello to each other and lend a helping hand when needed. It could be said that Albumen is a town filled with Good Eggs.

The long, hot summer had come to an end. It was time to begin a new school year. Eager to begin his school routine, Reggie began to wonder about his new teacher and what new things he would be learning. His curiosity distracted him while he was trying to tie his shoelaces. Finally, his fumbling fingers managed to get the job done, but his excitement continued to grow.

On the first day of school, Reggie adjusted his glasses, kissed his mom goodbye, and walked down the block to his friend Greggory’s house. Reggie and Greggory had been friends for a very long time. They did everything together.

Greggory was ready to go and met Reggie at the door. The two pals smiled at each other, gave a high five, and left for school.

When they got to the playground, Reggie and Greggory joined the other Eggs and shared their summer stories.

“We went to the water park,” said Reggie, as he imitated jumping in a pool. “I learned to do a belly flop. It was so much fun!”

Greggory chimed in, “We went to a horse farm and I learned to gallop for the first time!”

The other Eggs all had great stories about their summer adventures. All in all, it had been a grand summer for the Eggs.

Riiiinngg went the bell! It was time to take a seat in the classroom. Ms. Poach, the new teacher, looked like she was nice. She welcomed the class with a warm smile and greeted each student by name. “This is going to be an awesome year,” thought Reggie.

Reggie and Greggory looked around the room and spotted their two best friends, Megg and Seggourney. The four Eggs were very close friends. But Reggie and Greggory didn’t see Megg and Seggourney much over the summer because they were away at camp. They couldn’t wait to ask them at recess about their summer fun.

Megg and Seggourney waved and smiled. In fact, all of the other Eggs waved and smiled at each other, except for one. He was a new Egg – the four friends did not recognize him. He did not look happy.

The morning passed quickly, and soon it was time for recess. Megg, Seggourney, Reggie, and Greggory ran toward each other and did a group hug. “It’s so great to see you guys!” shouted Seggourney. “I’ve missed you!”

Megg added, “Wow, Greggory, you’ve grown at least a whole inch!”

It felt good to be back together for a new school year. They were all laughing and having a good time as they talked about the summer.

The new Egg walked past the four friends and sneered at them. “Stop laughing so loud. You’re bothering me!”

Reggie and Megg stared back at the new Egg. They didn’t know what to say. Seggourney tried to talk with him. “I see you are new here. What’s your name?”

“Benedict.” The new Egg snapped back.

Seggourney continued politely, “Ok, Benedict. We’re sorry if we bothered you.”

Benedict shouted back, “Just leave me alone!” as he ran off. The four friends wondered why Benedict acted so strangely. Just then the bell rang, and it was time to get back to class.

After school, the four friends were walking home when they spotted Benedict ahead of them. “Benedict,” shouted Greggory, “Wait up!” Benedict started to run away and was soon lost from sight. Exhausted from chasing Benedict, the Eggs stopped to catch their breath. “What do you think is wrong with him?” puffed Megg, as she flipped her ponytail.

“I don’t know, but I think we should try to find out,” replied Seggourney.

Greggory scratched his head. “Let’s try to talk to him tomorrow.” They all agreed.

The next morning Benedict did not come to school. Seggourney told Megg she was worried about him. “His behavior was very strange yesterday when he ran away.”

Megg agreed. They decided to ask Greggory and Reggie to go with them to Benedict’s house after school to check on him.

“I know which house is his,” said Megg. “It’s the pretty blue one around the corner from the library. I saw the moving van there when I got home from camp.”

Upon arriving at Benedict’s house, the girls rang the doorbell. Benedict opened the door but started to close it when he saw the four Eggs.

Wait!” shouted Megg. “Don’t shut the door. We want to talk to you.”


Diversity – Book 2: The Good Eggs Travel the World

Chapter 1:  September – The Journey Begins

Book Cover 2The trees of Albumen gently rustled in the wind as a warm breeze blew through the streets. Summer had ended, and the Eggs were preparing to return to school. With only two days left before the start of the new school year, Seggourney and Megg decided to go shopping for school supplies.

“What do you think about this orange backpack?” asked Megg. “It has plenty of zippers.”

“I think it looks perfect,” replied Seggourney. “You should get it.”

Megg put the backpack in the shopping cart, and the girls continued wandering through the store. After a short while, they made their purchases and headed home.

“It feels good to have new supplies for school,” said Seggourney. “It makes me feel like I can accomplish anything!”

“Oh, Seggourney, you’re so funny!” chuckled Megg.

As the girls arrived at Megg’s house, the phone rang. “Hello?” Megg answered. “Oh hi, Greggory. Seggourney and I just got back from school shopping. What’s up?”

Greggory replied, “Megg, did you get a letter from Ms. Poach today? I got one and so did Reggie. She said in the letter that she wants to see us tomorrow at one o’clock.”

“Hmmm, let me check my mailbox,” said Megg.

Megg put down the phone, ran to the curb, and reached inside her mailbox. She quickly returned to the house with the same letter from Ms. Poach.

“Yes, Greggory. I got one, too,” she replied as she picked up the phone and flipped her ponytail. “Seggourney is going to call her mom to see if she got one.”

“Ok, then I will see you at school tomorrow for our meeting with Ms. Poach. I sure wish I knew what this was all about,” said Greggory.

“Me, too,” replied Megg. “See you tomorrow.”

Seggourney called her mom who told her that a letter had indeed arrived from Ms. Poach.

“I wonder what Ms. Poach wants? It must be important if she is meeting with us before the school year begins,” said Seggourney. “I’ll see you there tomorrow, Megg.”

“Ok, Seggourney. See you tomorrow,” replied Megg.

* * *

The next day, Megg, Reggie, Greggory and Seggourney met at the school at one o’clock for their meeting with Ms. Poach. Coach Flo greeted them at the door. “Welcome back, Eggs! I hope everyone had a nice summer,” she said with an inviting smile.

“Hi Coach Flo,” said Reggie. “It’s great to see you!”

Coach Flo led the Eggs down the hallway and into a classroom. Ms. Poach was sitting at a desk doing some paperwork but immediately jumped up when she saw the Eggs enter the room.

“Oh my! You have all grown so much over the summer!” she exclaimed as they all embraced in a group hug. “It’s so wonderful to see you.”

“Ms. Poach, we are ready to get back to school tomorrow, but we are very curious about the letter you sent to each of us for this meeting,” said Reggie as he adjusted his glasses.

“I’m sure you are! Have a seat, and Coach Flo and I will explain,” replied Ms. Poach. She gestured with her hand to the desks in the classroom, and the Eggs sat down.

“You see, children,” began Ms. Poach, “last summer, the Mayor of Albumen entered a contest sponsored by the United Nations. The winning town would get to choose four outstanding students who made a difference in the areas of academics and community awareness. The contest offers a study-abroad program to four students in our town, and we won! The Mayor, of course, asked me for help in choosing the students. I looked over our class lists carefully, and you four stood out to me. I also asked Coach Flo for her input, and she also chose you four! The recycling project you did last year for our town, along with your responsibility and leadership qualities exhibited throughout the year, made our decision easy.”


Diversity – Book 3: The Good Eggs In the Community

Chapter 1: September – Ambassadors for Children

Book 3 CoverIt had only been a month since the Eggs returned to their homes in Albumen after their exciting year of travel. Now it was time for the new school year to begin. Their lives were slowly getting back to normal, but the thrill of the past year remained fresh in their minds. “You know,” said Seggourney as she spoke to Megg on their way to school, “I keep thinking about what Ms. Sullivan at the United Nations told us.”

“About being ambassadors?” asked Megg.

“Yes,” replied Seggourney. “It’s a big responsibility, but I know I am eager to get started.”

“So am I! What do you have in mind?” questioned Megg as she flipped her ponytail.

“I’m not sure,” answered Seggourney. “Let’s brainstorm with Greggory, Reggie, Benedict, and Ms. Poach when we get to school.”

“Seggourney, do you think Ms. Poach will be our teacher again this year?” Megg asked.

“I sure hope so,” replied Seggourney. She winked at Megg and the two girls skipped the rest of the way to school.

* * *

The school playground was filled with active children enjoying the swings and climbing walls. “Look!” said Megg as she pointed to the sandbox. “There’s Greggory and Reggie.” Megg and Seggourney ran over to them.

“Hey!” Reggie and Greggory exclaimed together as they hugged Megg and Seggourney.

“It feels great to be back to school. I really loved our year abroad, but at the same time, I missed Albumen,” said Greggory.

“Me, too. I missed our sandbox!” added Reggie as he chuckled and tossed some sand on Greggory’s shoes. Greggory shook off his shoes in Reggie’s direction.

“Have you guys seen Benedict? We want to talk to all of you, along with Ms. Poach, about how we can be ambassadors, like Ms. Sullivan spoke to us about,” said Seggourney.

Reggie answered, “He’ll be here soon. He had to return some books to the library.”

Shortly after, Benedict came running across the playground. “Hey, you Eggs!”

“BENEDICT!” they shouted together and embraced him.

“I just got back from the library. I had to return some books this morning before school,” Benedict explained. “Something struck me strange, though, when I was there. I saw this little Egg. He was standing in a line to get some free books.”

“Free books?” asked Greggory as he scratched his head. “For keeps?”

“Yeah. As I walked past his line, I dropped one of my books and he picked it up for me. So, I thanked him and asked him what he was waiting in line for, and he told me for free books. He said he didn’t have any books at home. Isn’t that weird? Who doesn’t have books at home?”

Just then the bell rang. Everyone lined up and walked into school. Ms. Poach was waiting for her class and welcomed each of them with her warm smile and a big hug. “Children, welcome back!” She hugged each Egg as they entered her room. “I will be your teacher again this year. Since we traveled together last year, the school thought it would be best if we stayed together and expanded the Study Abroad Program by becoming ambassadors in our community.”

“Ms. Poach, that is exactly what we wanted to brainstorm with you about! Ms. Sullivan at the United Nations said we need to be ambassadors,” Seggourney said with excitement as she placed her backpack next to her desk and took her seat. “We’re just not sure what to do.”

One little Egg raised her hand and asked, “Ms. Poach, what’s an Ambassador?”

“An ambassador is someone who works to make the world a better place,” answered Ms. Poach. “And we’re going to do just that after we share some of our travel stories from the past year.”