EGGStra Special Program™

The mission of The Good Eggs reaches far beyond the town of Albumen.  Through the EGGStra Special Program™, the purchase of these books means an identical purchase will be given to a child/school in need.   Together we can help develop virtues, diversity, and service in the lives of young people.  BOGO – Buy One, Give One!


DAAS1The Good Eggs is currently on a mission to get school sets of books into every Detroit, Michigan elementary school.  We are actively seeking sponsors who would be willing to purchase a school set (108 books, 12 sets of teacher guides, and three sturdy, covered plastic bins).  Keep in mind that by this purchase, a second school set will be given to another Detroit elementary school (BOGO, buy one, give one) through our EGGStra special program.  If you are interested in being part of the mission to bring The Good Eggs to the children of Detroit, please email us for more details and special pricing at  Thank you!